About Me

Hey there!

I’m Toni. Life & Self-Care Coach and speaker for high-achieving women, seeking calm, balance and ease in their lives.

And I can perhaps guess why you’re here…

  • You get sh!t done. You’re the go-to gal for, well...a lot. You’re a smart, driven, successful woman, doing ALL THE THINGS, On paper, it really looks like you have your life together, but, inside, you’re stressed and overwhelmed,

  • Despite your accomplishments, you feel guilty and like you’re not doing or being enough.

  • You run on caffeine, control, and to-do lists, and you’re feeling burnt out (or pretty close to it).

  • Perfectionism rules the day. You’re crazy-hard on yourself. You expect perfection from yourself, and this has caused all kinds of anxiety, stress, procrastination, and probably a migraine or two (or three). Proofreading your emails approximately 10x because heaven forbid there’s a typo...not on your watch.

  • You try to disregard and hide your vulnerability and feelings, fearing it will look like weakness or like you can’t handle life.

  • You have a hard time giving yourself permission to focus on YOU. You put everyone else’s needs before your own, and this may have resulted in health issues and anxiety.

  • You’re always hearing about “self-care” and “self-love” but aren’t really sure how to actually apply it to your busy, stressful life.

  • Intellectually, you get why boundaries are so important, but you have a really hard time saying “no.”

You want to show up in this world as your full self in all of your power- confident, calm, present and joyful — madly in love with your life —but something is holding you back.

I see you, and I get you. Because I was you. 100%.

I’ve gone before you on this journey of embracing self-care and stepping into balanced, easeful living, free from the grip of perfectionism, chronic stress & burnout and saying “yes” to things my soul knew were a “no.” And I’m freaking excited to hold your hand during this truly life-changing transformation.

So, who am I?

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I’m a life and self-care coach, committed to empowering stressed high-achieving women to reclaim their peace and to live in a way that supports and nurtures their minds, bodies, and souls.


But this was not always who I was. Not by a long shot...

“King George.” This was the nickname jokingly (but not really) bestowed upon me by my brother as a jab at my uptight, masculine, gotta-control-&-conquer-it-all tendencies. Nothing like being referred to as 18th century monarch to make you question how you’re showing up in the world...yikes.

If you’re familiar with Gilmore Girls, I found myself relating to Paris Geller more than I’d like to admit.

I was driven by my “go-go-go” to-do-list-obsessed energy for most of my life. A hardcore perfectionist & overthinker since elementary school, I carried this energy with me through high school and, eventually, college and grad school.

Toni (68)_websize.jpg

I sped through college (laser-focused on my end-goal rather than the experience), and after graduation, I heard the siren’s call of running my own business - a business that somehow brought art, beauty and joy to the world. My soul said, “yes,”, but I pushed the intuitive nudge down, thinking it just wasn’t logical.

Instead, I took the “safe, logical” job, despite deeply knowing it was all wrong for me.

At work, I’d go hours in front of my laptop without a break and without even sipping water.

I wrapped up most workdays with a headache, irritability, and a tenseness that I carried with me back home. All in the name of “success.”

Music, literature, and writing were such huge parts of my childhood, but I was too exhausted to give creative passions and pursuits any attention.

I was too busy burning out.

For years, I disregarded self-care. Prioritizing ME - my emotions, capacity, dreams, self-care - was sooooo low on my to-do list.

My overachieving, anxiety-inducing lifestyle that pedestalized the hustle and doing ALL the things enabled me to achieve a lot, but it came with a cost...

In the fall of 2012, it all hit the fan.

One beautiful, crisp autumn day, my mind and body had enough. I suddenly lost most of my vision & hearing, couldn't feel my limbs, and felt nausea and fear so intense that I still don't have words to describe it. I've never been so convinced of my immediate demise. Turns out, it was a panic attack to end all panic attacks.

After a couple of hellish ER visits, I was diagnosed with panic disorder, which turned my life upside down.

The years of stress & anxiety, of not taking care of myself or setting boundaries, of hustling without ceasing, of ignoring my soul and intuition finally caught up with me, but I was determined to find my way to the other side.

And so my journey towards healing began. My journey back home to myself.

After years of personal development, experimenting with so many self-care techniques, practicing ancient healing concepts and modalities, I was able to heal and realize that I am worthy in all my imperfection. Perfectionism and overwork need not apply.

Now, I know not only how to kick ass in my career and business, be strong, confident and assertive (hello, beautiful boundaries & confidently sharing my voice!) but also soften in my life -- while spending time with my husband, listening to and respecting my body, soul and mind, regularly practicing self-care, attuning to my cycle, making time for pleasure, delegating so it’s not all on me, receiving love, help, affection without resistance, and so much more.

I expanded into my full potential, balancing my ambition with self-care to create an entirely new way of operating in the world. And I found my freedom.

I share this with you to show how deeply personal this work is to me. How miraculous it is when we reconnect with our innate worth & begin caring for ourselves as we would for a dear friend.

Society glorifies “go go go,” and devalues self-care, intuition and flow when it comes to being successful, but I’m here to tell you that there’s another way.

You don’t have to sacrifice your mental, emotional and physical health in the name of success.

It’s when you allow yourself to balance the ambition with listening to your body and intuition, playing, exhaling, creating, prioritizing YOU, being not doing, trusting, and receiving that you’re able to truly step into your full self, full potential and experience the power that’s been within you all along. 

If you’re ready to finally experience the self-love, peace, and balance that you’ve been craving for so long, I would love to connect to see how I could support you. Book your complimentary discovery session here!

Fun facts about me

  • I’m a graduate of the Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy and trained with world-renowned coaches from around the globe!

  • I’m the textbook definition of an astrological Cancer. Seriously, it blows the eff out of my mind with how accurately it describes me.

  • I’m an INFJ, and I love creating systems and structures that are based on human emotions and values.

  • The loves of my life come in the form of my soulmate and very best friend, Timmy (college sweethearts! 💕) and a 13-lb Chiweenie named Mr. Crispy.

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  • Have I missed an episode of The Bachelor or The Bachelorette in the last five years? No. The answer is no, and the answer will continue to be no in the years to come. The drama is just too good, and Chris Harrison is a national treasure. haha

  • I’m a classically trained vocalist and planned on a career in music until I realized how much I despised auditions...welp, that doesn’t bode well for a career in performing!

  • I’ve been crazy-obsessed with Scotland for as long as I have memory...hit me up if you know anything about past lives because we need to talk!

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